Wu Dongdong (吴东冬) is currently a first-year M.Eng. student in School of computer science and engineering at Southeast University. He is a member of Pattern Learning and Mining Lab (PALM) supervised by Prof. Min-Ling Zhang. Wu Dongdong received his B.Eng. degree in School of Big Data & Software Engineering at Chongqing University in Jun 2021. In the same year, he was admitted to study for an M.Eng. degree in Southeast University without entrance examination.

My research interest includes machine learning and data mining and evidence theory . Specially now I am focusing on partial label learning and noisy label learning. Interest Keywords include distillation, knowledge, discriminative feature, CAM, image classification, complementary, noisy label, attention, data programming, instance-dependent, label smoothing.

Feel free to drop me an email if you are interested in collaborating with me (dongdongwu@seu.edu.cn).

🔥 News

  • 2022.05.15: 🎉🎉Our work is accepted by ICML 2022: Revisiting Consistency Regularization for Deep Partial Label Learning, Dong-dong Wu, Deng-Bao Wang, Min-Ling Zhang.
  • 2022.04.04: Our work published in Quality and Reliability Engineering International is one of the top cited papers and generated immediate impact on the community. The certificate can be downloaded [here].

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🏅 Honors and Awards (Master)

  • 2021.10 First Prize, Academic Scholarship of Southeast University.

🏅 Honors and Awards (Undergraduate)

  • Scholarship:华为奖学金、海云天大数据奖学金、上海同振奖学金、汪乾荣一等奖学金、国家励志奖学金*3、校级综合甲等乙等奖学金*6。
  • Honor: 重庆市创新能力提升先进个人、重庆大学优秀毕业生干部、重庆大学科技学术先进个人、重庆大学优秀共青团员、重庆大学优秀学生干部、重庆大学社团先进个人。
  • Contest: 数学建模竞赛:美国大学生数学建模大赛特等奖Outstanding Winner(2019,Top 0.1%)、全国大学生数学建模大赛重庆市一等奖(2020);软件开发竞赛:全国微信小程序应用开发赛国家三等奖(2020)、全国大学生计算机设计大赛国家三等奖*2(2019,2020)、全国高校易班技术创新大会创新创意组国家一等奖(2020);其他竞赛:全国高校绿色计算创新大赛国家一等奖(2020)、重庆大学数学竞赛二等奖(2018)。


  • 2021.06 - 2024.09 (now), Master, Southeast University, Nanjing.
  • 2017.09 - 2021.06, Undergraduate, Chongqing University (3.60/4.00), Chongqing.
  • 2014.09 - 2017.06, Chongqing Tianjiabing Middle School, Chongqing.

🌞 Academic Services

  • Program Committee Member of ICML’22.

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